Hyunil Lab-Mate
was founded in 1974

Hyunil Lab-Mate was founded in 1974, and we have been the nation’s first importer of the clinical pathology products and have developed the field by the wide range of distribution and sales.

Based on the long-term business experience, we keep enlarging the diverse areas such as histopathology, bio, medical, environment, chemical and genetic engineering.


The founder
Mr. Hyun Sam Jo

The founder Mr. Hyun Sam Jo was born in 1933, in Daegu city, Korea, who had great interest and talent at English, so he applied to air force in U.S base. After completing the Aerospace program from United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine, he served as the nation’s first instructor for Aviation Physiology and a helicopter pilot for more than 15 years.

Hyunil Trading

During his military service, he was encouraged by his friend who owned clinical laboratory, started his own business from 1966, and finally established Hyunil trading company in July 1974. At that time the product price was too high as the Laboratory wares had to be supplied only through the U.S. Army Base. He tried to import clinical pathology products directly through worldwide supply channels like Germany, Japan and U.S. Consequently it contributed to development of domestic market.


Hyunil Lab-mate growth must go
on by taking lead in change.
  • 1974

    · Established Hyunil Trading

  • 1977 ~ 1990

    · Matsunami , Marienfeld Superior , Feather , Ratiolab , Kimble
    Chase Made a sole distributorship agreement

  • 1991 ~ 1999

    · Jencons , Glasfirn , Vitlab (Walu) , HTL , Electrothermal ,
    Suru International Made a distributorship agreement

  • 1993

    · Switched to a corporation

  • 2000

    · Changed company name to Hyunil Lab-mate

  • 2001 ~ 2008

    · Simport , Daslab Made a distributorship agreement
    · Drummond , Medite , Citotest , Nickel-electro , Milkotronic Made a sole distributorship agreement
    · Sponsored Drama “Special investigation log”
    · Sponsored Drama “Behind the White Tower”
    · Sponsored Movie “Public Enemy Returns”

  • 2007

    · Opened Logistics Center Seongsan

  • 2009 ~ 2018

    · Labcon , Glassco , TBS , Biosan Made a distributorship agreement
    · Cellpath , Fioroni , Fa-Tech, Avantik Made a distributorship agreement
    · Sponsored Drama “Iris”
    · Sponsored Drama “Sign”
    · Sponsored Movie “Deranged”
    · Sponsored Drama “Iris II”
    · Sponsored Movie “Flu”
    · Contributed scholarship donation to Seoyeong University
    · Sponsored Drama
    · Contributed scholarship donation to PUTS University
    · Contributed scholarship donation to Soon Chun Hyang University
    · Sponsored Drama “Saimdang, Memoir of Colors”

  • 2014

    · Established Hyunil Lab-Solution

  • 2019

    · Launched our own brand ‘Labry Day’

  • 2021

    · Kirgen Made a distributorship agreement

  • 2022

    · Sponsored Drama "Business Proposal"