Online Shop

We want to be close to customers not only offline, in the media but also online.

Shopping mall

With the vocation of becoming partners with customers and laboratories, we decided to operate an online mall called LAB-MATE, and we have introduced a convenient payment system and a system that can check real-time inventory and warehousing schedule to interact with customers from various walks of life. We hope that the LAB-MATE online mall will become widely known not only in Korea but also around the world in the future.

  • Benefits Various coupons/mileages
    for each member Offer benefits.
  • Promotional Information and prices of
    products of various brands
    You can check the inventory,
    related documents, etc.
  • PICK Shipping When you apply for a service,
    you can get the product
    you want It will be delivered
    on the desired date.
  • Recruitment of stores More vendor infrastructure and
    I'll provide you with an item.

Character introduction

Labby , May

Labby and May are LAB-MATE unique characters named after LAB and MATE, respectively.

  • Labby Labby, a recent returning student! He is still adapting to the atmosphere of the laboratory, but he is more passionate than anyone else in his research. He gets scolded by the professor for minor mistakes, However, thanks to her old friend May, she also escapes the crisis. Whenever I get May's help, I promise to buy me a meal, but I never actually bought one...
  • May May, curious and charming! She is popular with people wherever she goes due to her lively and cheerful personality. She sometimes get stuck in the door because of my square body, But she says she has more academic stress than complaints about her square body... It is characterized by longer and longer eyelashes when nervous.